About me

I’m Just a beggar who has found a source of bread; just a fool who has found wisdom; a dying man who has been given life.  I’m the unlovable who has been loved; a coward who is being made brave; the weak who is being made strong; a nobody adopted by the King.

If all of this sounds just a bit too cliché, or way too vague, or just like a pile of rubbish, please allow me to explain:

Jesus is my all: He is my source of life, my purpose and my joy.  In saying this I’m not an over-emotional teenager – I’m a (British) young man who has found life to all it’s fullness – and it’s not something I can speak too highly of!  When I resort to cliché it’s because words fail me and the glory of it all surpasses my ability to comprehend or explain!

I am sinful, as are we all.  And because of that I lived a purposelessness life and I was destined for an eternity separated in Hell   But Jesus has loved me and rescued me – not because I was worth saving, but because of His incredible mercy.  I was saved by Him and now I live for Him – now able to live life to the full!

And so I want to take this opportunity to point you towards the person who has changed my life, and who is continuing to change me for the better.  I want to tell you about Jesus!  [read more about Him here, or here]